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HeirSplit 1.1



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Date Added:28 July, 2014

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Divide the possessions in an estate: Fast, Easy, Fair!

* Demo Video -> http://heirsplit.com/Get_Started.html
* No Ads
* No In App purchases
* App data is yours to download, control and change
* Completely confidential - all information entered in the app is stored on your phone and not transmitted to HeirSplit, or anyone else, except through reports you create and send.

Numerous Features

Create an unlimited number of items or possessions to be divided according the the deceased person™s will, trust or estate documents.

For each item you can input the following: description, photo, custom location, value, custom groupings, heir, notes and disputed value flag.

Takes less than 30 seconds to enter an item!

Ability to use voice recognition instead of typing in all fields.

Dynamic charts and graphs on heir and item pages track the estate progress.

Create an unlimited number of heirs.

For each heir you can include name, phone number, email, photo, percentage of estate, custom chart colors, Pre-Assigned value or the value of items given to the heir œoutside the app.

Heirs can be assigned any percentage of estate.

Donations, consignment items, sold items and any other category can be tracked and reported.

Tracks and calculates the total value assigned to each heir allowing the executor to ensure the deceased™s possessions are fairly divided.

Sort items or possessions by type, location, heir, description, ascending value, or descending value.

Create customizable reports in both CSV and PDF format for import into Excel, Bento, Database, Numbers, Access, or Word.

Reports include all information entered in app, including pictures.

Sort reports by Type, Location, Heir, description, ascending value or descending value.

Email reports to anyone you select.

Assign any value to an item or mark for value confirmation.

Supports iOS 5 and iOS 6.
Makes use of larger iPhone 5 screen.


* Simplify estate administrator duties!
* Reduce executor fees and time!
* Save money and reduce estate expenses!
* Reduce beneficiary stress.
* Reduce conflict between brothers, sisters, siblings, heirs and beneficiaries.
* Easily fulfill executor duties.
* HeirSplit is a comprehensive inventory and reporting tool.
* Includes both CSV and PDF format reports.

How It Works

Demo Video -> http://heirsplit.com/Get_Started.html

Download HeirSplit app, create account, and add heirs.

Use HeirSplit to take a photo, assign a value and decide who will receive each item.

HeirSplit keeps a running tally of the value of items selected by each heir.

Generate PDF and CSV reports listing items inherited.

Quickly send email reports to Heirs, appraisers, lawyers, etc.

Items not chosen by Heirs can be catalogued prior to donation or sale.

More Benefits

HeirSplit assists Executors or Personal Representatives with the process of identifying a deceased person™s possessions and then fairly splitting them up among the person™s heirs according to the person™s will or trust.

HeirSplit simplifies a difficult and time consuming process for the deceased person™s Executor or Personal Representative.

HeirSplit uses a fair and transparent process that helps to avoid family arguments and ill will.

HeirSplit's user-friendly controls let the executor quickly and efficiently inventory all of the deceased person™s possessions.

Information entered in HeirSplit is completely confidential and is shared only with chosen individuals.

Send reports to estate sale companies, real estate agents, clean out companies, estate attorneys, moving companies, shipping companies, accountants, and anyone else you decide.

HeirSplit allows Executors to designate the percentage interest for each heir.

Inventory and Heir reports are customizable, printable and downloadable in both PDF and CSV formats.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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